MComposer: the new video mixing & graphics engine

The latest release of MPlatform features a new technology - MComposer.

MComposer was created as a prototype at the very start of what is now MPlatform. We were so fond of the idea of fancy, GPU-accellerated graphics, that we had to show it to our customers.

But, having collected the feedback at NAB 2012, we decided that MPlatform was more important, and put off the development of the new video & graphics engine. It is only this summer, especially after my recent trip to India, that we collected enough requests to proceed with MComposer development.

This August, we are launching the first official release of MComposer, the brand new graphics engine and GPU-powered vision mixer.

What is MComposer

MComposer - bird view - delivers two things:

1) Smooth, crystal clear text and fancy broadcast quality graphics with all kinds of 3D animation effects and camera movements. In a way, this is a major upgrade to the currently available CG.

2) Fast, GPU-powered vision mixing with true 3D projection for video. This will also improve CPU-based chroma key performance in complex scenes as all the mixing will be handled by the GPU and the chroma keying code will have all of the CPU available.

The quality of the video above and smoothness of movement is greatly degrated due to the use of compression.

In addition to this:

  • MComposer doesn't make a difference between the objects that it works with. Videos, stills, tickers, scenes are all managed by the same set of parameters and, for example, a video can be part of a crawl.
  • Everything is managed & configured via a single, intuitively clear XML, while the main methods are identical to those of MMixer from MPlatform.
  • GPU is implemented via OpenGL, so you can use the latest-generation GPU chips from ATI, NVIDIA or Intel.

Areas of application

We think MComposer will find its customers on the following markets:

  • Channel graphics: news, sports, weather, elections, business, etc.
  • Virtual studios
  • Digital signage

If there are other applications that we have not thought of - please let us know.

How is MComposer priced & structured

One of the most important comments that we have been hearing after the launch of MPlatform, is the simplicity of the product structure and price list. We wanted to introduce MComposer in a way that would keep this structure both simple yet flexible enough for the majority of our customers.

At first (, we thought of including chroma keying into MComposer. But - as we gained more understanding of the product - we decided that it should be a separate add-on.

So, here are the main points that we have come to:

  • MComposer is an add-on to MPlatfrom, available - like all our products - in Single Developer and Team versions.
  • For chroma key features the Chroma Key Lib is required (regardless, whether or not an MComposer subscription is being purchased).
  • There will be no GPU-powered chroma keying for quite a while. We just don't think the improvement will be that big (compared to how we improved vision mixing). We do plan to start working on other updates for the Chroma Key Lib - mainly in the usability aspect of the product.

MComposer is available with the latest download of MPlatform. For prices, please reach out to our sales managers or simply tick the "I want the price list" option in the Download form.