MPlatform Red Carpet program

MPlatform is our new SDK, that makes it dramatically easy to build broadcast software.

The MPlatform Red Carpet program is designed to help early customers achieve their goals with the product and provide us with valuable feedback along the way. The program is called this way because our goal is to provide red carpet treatment to those who enroll.

Program benefits


  • Get free or discounted migration licenses (available to customers with valid Broadcast Automation Platform, Live Chroma Key, Vision Mixer SDK, Virtual Studio SDK, Decoder Pack and Capture Pack subscriptions). 
  • Hold monthly conversations with our engineers via Skype to discuss support tickets and requirements. Will be provided within the first subscription term of the MPlatform license. Available in English only. 
  • Take part in the formation of the product's roadmap and feature set. 
  • Get early access to new releases and documentation.

Program requirements


  • A valid subscription for each of the products that you wish to receive a free or discounted migration license for. Eligible products are: Broadcast Automation Platform (all editions), Live Chroma Key, Vision Mixer SDK, Virtual Studio SDK, Decoder Pack, Capture Pack. Customers, who currently have an expired subscription, need to renew it before applying for the program. 
  • Provide feedback based on real testing, development or deployment of MPlatform and related products. 
  • Provide a written statement about MPlatform upon the successful launch or deployment of your application and allow us to publish it on our web site. 
  • Fill out the MPlatform Customer Survey before November 30th, 2012. The link to the survey will be made available via email.

If you are not an existing licensee for any of the products mentioned above, you can still enroll in the Red Carpet Program. Of course, the migration benefit will not apply in this case: you will need to license MPlatform in order to enroll in the program.