64-bit release of MPlatform and plans for other products

We'll be uploading a 64-bit version of MPlatform SDK this week. I'll explain what this means in this post. Plus, I will share our 64-bit roadmap for other things we've got.

Word. MPlatform is now truly 64-bit, and here's what it means in practice:

  • You can now build x64 apps with MPlatform. :)
  • Have access to all available memory (not just 2 GB or 4 GB as in x86 apps). Some of our customers have uses cases where they need to keep a big video buffer with uncompressed video.
  • Work with third-party x64 components. Some of them may work better or faster in 64-bit versions.
  • Work with devices that have only x64 drivers (we haven't met these, but - just in case).

Additional features:

  • It is possible to easily transfer data between x64 and x86 applications (via IMsenders interface, "mp://" protocol or virtual devices). And its still fast as hell, because we don't copy any memory. Popular use case: have your 64-bit app working with FMLE.
  • Via internal device sharing it is possible to receive streams from a single device in x64 and x86 applications at the same time.


  • DVCPRO encoder is not available in x64 right now. We just need some more time to convert it to x64.
  • This is the first x64 build of MPlatform, so we don't recommend it for production/redistribution right away. If you find any problems, please report them to us immediately.

Here's what our 64-bit strategy looks like for all our products.

Already converted to x64

Planned (soon)

Priorities for these may depend on your feedback!

Planned (later)

  • Video Mixer DirectShow filter. We expect a new version of this product somewhere after the MFormats release. It will be quicker to do and the product will be more stable once it is moved to MFormats.
  • DirectShow MultiGraph toolkit. New version of this product (x64 from the start) is expected after MFormats release.

Not planned