Medialooks roadmap for 2014

This is our public roadmap for the foreseeable future. We'll be posting it here so that you can get an idea about what we are busy with.

This thing will be updated live as priorities shift. This is not a commitment.


  • A lot of work in the coming months will be defoted to our new product - MFormats. But, because this new product will be the low-level backend for MPlatform, this work will be improving MPlatform almost immediately. We've made comments on that when applicable.

March 2014

  • CG editor.
  • MediaExpress replacement.
  • First MFormats release.

Later (first priority)

MFormats development (first version):

  • 10-bit video support in MFrame. Will add support for 10-bit video to MPlatform (capture and playout).
  • Change internal structure of MWriter. Will result in the ability to capture CC into files via [Encoder lib].
  • Upgrade Blackmagic integration to low latency API calls.
  • MReader upgrade: buffering optimization, streaming support, indexing support. Will allow us to better mix FFmpeg splitters and decoders with non-FFmpeg ones in [Decoder lib].
  • New audio/video conversion object.
  • Final MFrame upgrade.
  • Upgrade interface for live source and devices.

Later (second priority)

  • IMPreview for WPF, NVidea 3D preview.
  • Intel QuickSync support (GPU-powered and CPU-based H.264 and H.265 encoders).
  • Preliminary configuration of MMixer and MComposer scenes before sending them to air.
  • MPlatform and MComposer transitions between video sources.
  • MPEG-TS muxing and ASI support. Will work with Stream Labs and Deltacast boards.
  • MPlatform 2.0: migration to MFormats SDK.
  • ScheduleAdd playlist implementation.
  • MComposer: import of objects from Autodesk 3ds Max.


  • Support for compressed audio/video streams (transcoding use cases).


  • MPlatform x64 release.
  • Chroma Key x64 update, improvements in core technology and usability.
  • GPU-powered H.264 encoding: only CUDA (NVIDIA) for now.
  • VANC data delay. When capturing via Blackmagic devices, we'll not only delay audio/video, but also VANC data.