MPlatform (beta) release highlights

A new beta version of MPlatform is available for download: 64-bit support, chroma key improvements, CUDA H.264 encoder and VANC data handling.

Please note that this is still officially a beta version. We don't recommend immediate deployment or redistribution.

Most important updates in this version:

  • All MPlatform code, including CG, moved to 64-bit. More details here in the blog.
  • Chroma key code was also updated to x64 and now boasts a new algorithm of auto detection and is now much easier to configure: .
  • MWriter now includes a CUDA-based H.264 Encoder (NVIDIA only).
  • From now on we keep VANC data throughout the data route: from input (MLive) to time shifting (MDelay) to output (MRenderer).
  • We have digitally signed all our DLLs. This gains trust level of antivirus apps and reduces the possibility of false alarms that were sometimes caused by our Themida protection.