MPlatform release highlights

A new version of MPlatform is now live and available for [download]. Major improvements in this release:

1) New MRenderer architecture improves stability and quality when playing out to devices (including ones by Blackmagic Design). Regardless of what is happening on the input, the renderer always receives a stable flow of frames. This has lead to an improvement in latency and the exclusion of situations where frame loss and audio issues happened on relatively normal (stable) streams. The new renderer is used by default, but can be disabled via the 'output.av_thread' property. More info on MRenderer props:

2) A new Character Generator performance mode ('overlay.thread' property) enables the peparation of the overlay in a separate process. In this mode the time needed to overlay graphics on a frame is fixed and does not vary with the complexity of the stream or size of items. This mode is recommended for complex scenes. More info about CG props:

3) New MMixer modes ('master' and 'drop_frames' properties) ensure maximum possible quality for the master stream. Recommended if there is clearly one main or master stream, the quality of which should never be affected, even if there's not enough resources to process all of the other streams or features. More info on MMixer props:

Other notable changes:

- Added new parcer logic to Playout sample code that allows to play back streams from YouTube (

- Added new logic that improves performance of items interaction through the "mp:\\" protocol (

- Added Bypass Relays support for devices by Blackmagic Design.

- Added Compression and Dynamic Amplification audio processing features (

- Added audio waveform and RMS overlay feature that allows to show current audio waveform and makes it easy to detect a/v sync & audio quality issues (

- Added cropping & mirror features to all objects (

- Improved FileFrameGet() method performance for seqential calls.

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