MPlatform release highlights

A new version of MPlatform is now available for download. Most notable improvements:

1) Added internal support of YouTube URLs as network stream sources. No need to parse the URL manually anymore: simply add a YouTube URL just like a common network stream and everything will be done automatically. More info:

2) Added automatic re-initialization of USB devices. Add a USB camera as a source and unplug it. The stream will be replaced with a stub keeping the main application stable. Plug the USB camera back in, and the stub will be replaced with the live stream automatically.

3) Improved stream capture for Blackmagic devices: prevents audio/video async and frame drops on some hardware units.

4) Added new rate control and buffering logic: increased the quality of streams sent through the "mp://" protocol, MTransportSource and virtual devices and got rid of occasional audio cracks.

5) Added statistics support for Live (, Preview ( and Renderer ( objects: helps to see what's happening inside these objects during debugging.

6) Added new bitrate calculation algorithm for network streams that allows to monitor the bitrate value in real time. 

7) Added MJPEG format decoding logic improvement that speeds up the decoding process and reduces CPU load.

8) Fixed bug that could cause MDelay crashes during longer time shifts.

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