We are looking for a C++ software developer

We are not moving quick enough. Our backlog is growing. Customers are not getting their updates fast enough. To fix this, we are hiring a C++ software developer.

What kind of work is this

We develop SDKs and components, that other software developers use in multimedia apps for Windows. Our key technology is a flexible video framework written in C++. This technology is in the heart of our main product, MPlatform, as well as this cool multi-format DirectShow decoder.

Other important expertise areas are the work we do with FFmpeg and integration with specific broadcast hardware, notably that of Blackmagic Design, Deltacast and Stream Labs.

The software that our customers make is usually professional B2B stuff, so most of our customers are not known to the general public. Once in a while we do sell to well-known brands, but then we are not allowed to talk about it. :)

Here's what we expect you to work on within your first 6 months:

  • Create COM objects with methods based on pre-designed structure.
  • Research and fix bugs in MPlatform.
  • Make updates and filters to our DirectShow filters.

Below are some thoughts about who we are looking for.


  • Good knowledge of C++, COM and ATL.
  • Experience in Visual Studio 2010/2012.
  • At least basic knowledge of C#, VB.NET, Delphi.
  • Experience in working with video, image processing and audio.
  • Knowledge of DirectShow, DirectX and OpenGL is very welcome.
  • Technical English is a must.


  • Someone, who gets things done. We need someone who loves completion versus working on several tasks or projects that stay unfinished for months (just because all of them are so interesting).
  • A problem solver. Most of the time you'll be dealing with problems. We don't allow the use of this term for Feng shui reasons: we call them opportunities for improvement. We are looking for someone, who loves picking up on these.
  • An innovator. Some things you'll be working on will require creativity and broadness of thought. We even hope you'll be working on things nobody has ever done before. We need you to think out of the box (whatever that means) and produce the best possible result as quickly as possible.
  • A self-managed indivudual. Well-tuned processes, fancy workflows and predictable situations are not within the nature of our organization: you have to be capable of achieving your goals without a manager constantly checking in.
  • A communicator. You need to be capable of communicating clearly with the team (in Russian) and with customers (in English).
  • A quick learner. Every day you'll be drowned in something new. Someone else's code, often poorly documented. A new device and a new SDK. A new media container. A new algorythm, that you have to quickly figure out and understand. If you need a lot of time to understand these things, and swtich from one area to another, don't apply.

Job location: Kaliningrad, Russia

Just like our recent job opening for an Account manager, we are expecting you to work in our tech lab in Kaliningrad. We are experts in moving people - so don't worry, if you are from another town. You can read about how we moved our team from Tomsk.

We'll be especially pleased, if you are from Moscow or St. Petersburg. To us, it will mean we can compete on a more global scale. And, we are sure you will enjoy a town which is less crowded (perfect for the introvert geeky type).

How much?

To be discussed.

How to apply

1) Please submit your CV and some code samples in C++ to [email protected] with [C++] in the subject line.

2) Perform a test task within 48 hours. This task will be provided to applicants with good CVs and code samples.