Join our team! We are hiring an account manager (closed)

Account managers at Medialooks are the ones who are most in touch with customers. Technical people talk to customers all the time, and it is a big part of our products' value, but it is the account manager who actually makes sure that our products work. It is the account manager who walks up to the technical team and explains why the customer is important and makes sure situations are resolved quickly.

This position has now been closed. We have found a wonderful person and were very happy for her to join our team. We are now in search for a C++ software developer.

The account manager does a lot of his work behind the scenes. It is he who pours energy (and money) into this process that we call our business.

We are a small team of just 11 people. Everyone is very important, everyone is respected. The account manager is treasured.

This job opening is for residents of Russia only.

Who are we looking for

  • A fluent English speaker. So fluent, that he (or she) can easily understand American, British and Indian. And speak all of them. :)
  • Someone who loves to write. Writing is what you'll be doing 95% of your time. Explaining, reacting, trying new approaches. If you are the copy-paste kind of person, don't apply. Copy-pasting does not work in a world and in a market, where content and story-telling are the only things that work. Copy-pasting doesn't build trust and value.
  • Someone who is completely honest. We don't lie to our customers, ever. If you have sales experience in the corporate world, or in non-software markets, there's a chance you won't fit our culture. No offence.
  • A quick learner. Your key function will be to learn and understand things you have never dealt with before. Understand what the customer wants to do. Understand what he's really trying to say. Understand what he really needs. Understand, whether he should be our customer or he better go somewhere else. We expect you to train your mind and intuition quickly. This will be your most critical skill.
  • A multi-tasker. Yes, multi-tasking sucks. But it is the only way to do this job. So get ready. (This is why we think women are a better fit for this job.)
  • A pro-active person. There's usually stuff coming in. Things to do without thinking. We don't want a person who is happy with that. We want someone who wants to do more: find, create and build new opportunities.
  • Someone with an extremely good memory. We use a custom-made CRM, but there are many things that it can't capture and situations, when you'll need to think quickly.

Job description

You’ll be responsible for managing conversations with new leads and existing customers via email, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn and phone. You will be making notes on new requests (things that we don't do today, but may decide to do in the future) - grouping them, prioritizing them, consulting with the technical team.

Dina, our only account manager today, will help you during your time of training.

If you were working with us today, here are some of the things that you would have done within a single day:

  • Sent about 30 emails with regards to licensing and the purchase process.
  • Had 1 or 2 intense conversations over Skype or Facebook and followed up on them via email.
  • Connected with 1 or 2 people via LinkedIn. (Yes, your LinkedIn network will grow dramatically while doing this job.)
  • Called up a customer in the U.S. at 9 pm.
  • Discussed several critical, urgent or unusual customer situations with our CTO.
  • Routed 5-10 technical questions to the technical team.
  • Updated 5-10 customer profiles with new info, such as correct company names, addresses, phone numbers, Skype contacts as well as details on how customers use our software.
  • Created customer profiles for new leads; looked up the company on the web to get an idea of what the customer does and his requirements.
  • Revised 5-10 recent conversations to renew status and get back in touch with the customer.
  • Reached out to 5-10 existing customers with questions about subscription renewals, requests for feedback, information about new products and content.
  • Organized and managed conversations (including calls) with customers and the CTO about technical requirements, logged them in the customer's profile.
  • Invited several people to meet at an upcoming exhibition in the U.S., negotiated schedules and meeting locations.

Things that no one is doing yet (but we may ask you to do):

  • Helping us answer questions via Twitter.
  • Creating and updating PAD profiles for the company’s products.
  • Submitting products to online catalogues such as Cnet.
  • Keeping track of LinkedIn groups, selected forums and sites like Stack Overflow and then routing questions from the community to the engineering team.

This is not easy, so please be ready for such a workload. Your work will be spread across all time zones, so please be ready to work late when needed.

Job location: Kaliningrad, Russia

Last year we moved our team from Tomsk, where most of us were, to Kaliningrad - a small part of Russia between Poland and Lithuania. Our office is a big house (with a garage for our motorbikes) in the quitest part of town. You can read more about how it all happened here and see a nice video about our city here.

Not from Kaliningrad? Don't worry. We moved the whole team. If you are determined, we'll help you move here as well. :)

How much?

40,000 rubles.

How to apply

1) First of all,

  • We don't care to see your CV. Instead, please write us a cover letter explaining why you want to work with us. Be creative. Be yourself. It won't hurt. :)
  • Create and fill in a LinkedIn profile. You'll need it during your job anyway.

2) Please submit a cover letter explaining:

  • Why you want to work in sales/customer relations.
  • Why you want to work at Medialooks and not somewhere else.
  • A description of a great customer experience you had recently, and what made it great.
  • A time you taught yourself a new skill to complete a job or project.

3) Answer the following questions like you would if you worked with us (meaning: write the actual emails to the customers). Imagine that everyone is in a different time zone, so there's nobody to ask.

  • We need to capture (record) 4 channels of video synchronously. We need to play these files while they are still being recorded. Do you have a solution and what hardware do you recommend (it has to be inexpensive)?
  • I can't figure out what is best for my project - MFormats or MPlatform - they seem to have similar feature sets. How do I decide which one to buy?
  • I was looking at your MFormats SDK. It seems cool, but I'm concerned with FFmpeg. Are there any risks or limitations involved?

4) Finally,

  • Tell us 3 things that you like about our web site and 5 things you hate.

Please send your applications to us via email to [email protected] with [ACCOUNT] in the Subject line. We don't care if the main content is in the body of the message or hosted on Hackpad or Google Docs.

Thank you.