New multi-format reader filter to be released next week!

Several years ago, when we were primarily into DirectShow filters, our most successful product was the QuickTime DirectShow Source - a file reader filter, that interfaced with the native QuickTime API and output uncompressed video frames and sound. It was something any software component for devs should be - simple, with a short and clear API, and fully implementing a specific, final functionality.

Unsurprisingly, we have observed later on that all multimedia developers are actually interested in having all of their media played back with the least amount of effot. They don't really care and they don't always want to know how its done - how many splitters and decoders are involved. Most importantly, they don't want to spend extra time adding support for every major and minor format out there.

FFmpeg supports ( over 150 video codecs, about 140 audio codecs and more than 200 multimedia containers. We are making all of them available in one clear component, that every DirectShow developer can use.

The new product will be available next week. Please reach out if you'd like to beta-test and give us some feedback.

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