First version of visual CG editor

The most common feedback we get from customers with regards to our character generator is "it is too complex". Indeed, although our XML description may be the simplest in the world (which is what our developers think), most users would like to work with a visual editor. Here's a quick video that shows what it looks like in the first version.
The quickest way to try this new feature is with our new video capture application, Direct Take or with the WPF Playlist sample (available with MPlatform).
Please be gentle, this is just an early beta version. We plan on adding more pre-defined items, moving out the most commonly used features to the ribbon and maybe adding styles for text.
If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to comment here.

New features (as of revision

  • New items alignment feature.
  • New ribbon control (instead of item properties) for quick access to frequently used properties.
  • Incapsulated sub-controls, which can be used separately in your own projects.
  • Events processing for all controls: automatically syncs parameter values between ribbon, XML and preview.
  • New vector-based icons in GUI.
  • Added ticker content enumeration: makes it possible to modify text lines separately via the GUI.
  • Improved interactivity (multiselect, grouping, dragging, etc.).