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New MFS filter: improved seeking quality, faster M-JPEG decoding and MPEG-DASH playback

Please welcome the new release of the Multi-Format Source DirectShow filter - our all-in-one video decoding filter based on the powerful MFormats SDK. Learn more...

MPlatform SDK adds new WebRTC use cases, extended statistics and more

This new MPlatform release features a bunch of improvements, including the implementation of several WebRTC use cases. We have published a press release about WebRTC here at ISE 2016. Learn more...

MPlatform (beta) release highlights

A new beta version of MPlatform is available for download: 64-bit support, chroma key improvements, CUDA H.264 encoder and VANC data handling. Learn more...

MPlatform release highlights

A new version of MPlatform is now available for download. Most notable improvements: Learn more...

MPlatform release highlights

A new version of MPlatform is now live and available for [download]. Major improvements in this release: Learn more...
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