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DeckLink Quad 2: quick test and first impressions

The original DeckLink Quad was announced in 2011 at NAB as "4 separate DeckLink capture cards" that plug into just one PCIe slot. Four years later, at IBC 2015, Blackmagic Design announced Quad 2 - a "capture and playback solution that puts the power of 8 DeckLink cards onto a single circuit board". Well, finally the new board is in our lab and we can put it through some initial tests. Learn more...

UltraStudio 4K review

Blackmagic Design announced the first UltraStudio 4K model at IBC in 2012. In October 2013 they released an upgraded version, claiming it to be "the world's first video solution to include super-fast Thunderbolt 2 technology". Learn more...

Deyan Automation customer story

I first met Dejan Sekan during a workshop we held in Cyprus in 2011. Customers? In Limassol? I thought there were only tourists, most of them Russian. Nevertheless we met in a real office, in a nice conference room. Deyan Automation has been serving broadcast clients worldwide since 2003. I recently talked to Dejan, the company's founder and chief engineer, about his company and its products. Learn more...
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