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Nacsport customer story

Alberto Rodríguez González is the founder and lead video developer of Nacsport - a company that makes sports performance analysis software. I reached out for some feedback on the Multi-Format Source filter, that they had licensed recently, but we lost focus and talked about all sorts of things. Learn more...

Deyan Automation customer story

I first met Dejan Sekan during a workshop we held in Cyprus in 2011. Customers? In Limassol? I thought there were only tourists, most of them Russian. Nevertheless we met in a real office, in a nice conference room. Deyan Automation has been serving broadcast clients worldwide since 2003. I recently talked to Dejan, the company's founder and chief engineer, about his company and its products. Learn more...

MPlatform used with the Stream Labs MH4LM: two customer stories

After an intense period of close collaboration, we now have 2 customers using MPlatform with I/O hardware from Russian company Stream Labs. These companies are: April Broadcast from India and Rushworks from the U.S. I am excited to share some information about their products in this post. Learn more...
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