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Need help prepping quality content

Today businesses spend more and more time preparing quality content vs. spending their budget on advertising. We've also realised this at Medialooks, but we haven't approached this problem properly yet. Learn more...

We are looking for a C++ software developer

We are not moving quick enough. Our backlog is growing. Customers are not getting their updates fast enough. To fix this, we are hiring a C++ software developer. Learn more...

Join our team! We are hiring an account manager (closed)

Account managers at Medialooks are the ones who are most in touch with customers. Technical people talk to customers all the time, and it is a big part of our products' value, but it is the account manager who actually makes sure that our products work. It is the account manager who walks up to the technical team and explains why the customer is important and makes sure situations are resolved quickly. Learn more...
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