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Our progress with MFormats SDK

The number of companies who have licensed MFormats SDK has more than doubled since last September. I thought it was the right time to review our progress and share the experience of some of our committed users. Learn more...

New signaling server and SimpleWebRTC integration

We've made some notable improvements to our native WebRTC implementation on Windows. Learn more...

MFormats SDK adds AJA integration and H.265 support via NVENC

This post covers the most important changes recently made to MFormats SDK, our innovative multimedia framework, and now available with version The full list of changes can be found in the Release notes. Learn more...

Medialooks at CABSAT 2015

CABSAT in Dubai turned out to be great. We ran into quite a number of our customers exhibiting Medialooks-based products and had some very good meetings. Learn more...

MFormats SDK as a game recording library for developers

The addition of GPU-powered H.264 encoding via Nvidia's NVENC and Intel's Quick Sync has opened up a new market for Medialooks' MFormats SDK. Learn more...

Choosing the right video SDK: MPlatform vs. MFormats

MPlatform SDK and MFormats SDK are both great software toolkits for video development. However, they target different customer segments and are far from being similar. This post helps understand both products and decide, which one is best for your project. Learn more...

Our value proposition to hardware manufacturers

Hardware vendors are an important part of our business model. We trust that our vendors will provide reliable and cost-effective capture and playout solutions to our customers. Without vendors our products and expertise would not appeal to specific customer segments. Learn more...

MFormats SDK: a new audio/video API for Windows developers

MFormats SDK is our low-level API for the multimedia developer. We believe it fits all kinds of generic or specialised audio and video tasks in areas like broadcasting, security, medicine, sports, education, design, etc. Learn more...
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