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New signaling server and SimpleWebRTC integration

We've made some notable improvements to our native WebRTC implementation on Windows. Learn more...

MPlatform SDK adds new WebRTC use cases, extended statistics and more

This new MPlatform release features a bunch of improvements, including the implementation of several WebRTC use cases. We have published a press release about WebRTC here at ISE 2016. Learn more...

Medialooks at CABSAT 2015

CABSAT in Dubai turned out to be great. We ran into quite a number of our customers exhibiting Medialooks-based products and had some very good meetings. Learn more...

Choosing the right video SDK: MPlatform vs. MFormats

MPlatform SDK and MFormats SDK are both great software toolkits for video development. However, they target different customer segments and are far from being similar. This post helps understand both products and decide, which one is best for your project. Learn more...
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