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New signaling server and SimpleWebRTC integration

We've made some notable improvements to our native WebRTC implementation on Windows. Learn more...

WebRTC news and roadmap

It looks like WebRTC is actually gaining traction with our customers. Very briefly, they see it as a more reliable alternative to UDP for transferring video over the Internet. I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you what we are working on in a separate post. Learn more...

Showing off NewTek NDI and WebRTC at NAB 2016

At this year's NAB we'll be part of the StudioXperience booth (SL2425) at NAB 2016. You will find us at the "Create Zone" (not the "NDI Zone") just opposite the studio area. Our software will be receiving a live input from the TriCasters via NDI, and we will be demonstrating what you can do with it with the help of our SDKs. Make sure to reserve your demo in advance here to get the most of your consultation. Learn more...

MPlatform SDK adds new WebRTC use cases, extended statistics and more

This new MPlatform release features a bunch of improvements, including the implementation of several WebRTC use cases. We have published a press release about WebRTC here at ISE 2016. Learn more...

Medialooks brings WebRTC to the professional video market

ISE 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands - February 9, 2016 - Medialooks today announced that several WebRTC-based use cases are now available in its broadcast application development framework, MPlatform SDK. Learn more...

WebRTC in a native desktop Windows application

A new streaming option, WebRTC, is now available in Medialooks SDKs. In this post we try to explain why WebRTC can be useful in a native Windows application and suggest a few possible use cases. Learn more...

An overview of WebRTC

WebRTC is a relatively new streaming technology that provides a scalable low-latency way of transmitting audio, video and data between browsers, desktop applications and mobile devices. Here's a few thoughts about the technology itself for your consideration. Learn more...
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